2017 Brewers Opening Day

Every April, there’s one day that I look forward to- a day of new beginnings, a day of food, friends and perhaps the best thing- Baseball.  This year that day fell on Monday, April 3rd.  This day marked the beginning of the Brewers 2017 regular season.


For me, I hold this day sacred.  On this day, I use a vacation day from my job.  I wake up at 5am.  I know I’ll be eating and drinking grilled food and Coronas, and I know it may be cold, or possibly warm, maybe raining or even snowing.  I accept this 100%

The best part of this day however, is the people.  The friends- the fans- the players- the employees- all of these people are intricate parts in the building of cherished memories.


This is the group of people that arrived at 7:30am to participate in the festivities.  We have people from all walks of life, all ages, some traveled hours, some even flew in from other states- all for the singular purpose of coming together in celebration.

Thank you everyone for your commitment to this great day!  Especially Lori with getting everyone to sign up to bring food and supplies, and Josh and Val for not just keeping most of our supplies year round in their garage, but also for your beautiful creativity in coming up with new additions like Opening Day Bitch Bingo!


In the end, it all came together- people all showed up when they should’ve (Paul was even the first one there this year) and we all drove in and staked our claim.

Next year, we hope to see even more of our friends show up as they slowly come to the realization that the one constant throughout the years is baseball… and this day every year is when it begins.  Make it a priority to be there, and I can guarantee you some great memories you’ll treasure forever.  Go Brewers!


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Happy “Rick Monday” Monday!


I decided to wait until today to blog due to it being the 40 year anniversary of one of the greatest plays in MLB history – so to speak.  40 years ago, in 1976, two protesters were attempting to burn an American flag in left field of Dodger stadium- Rick Monday wasn’t about to have any of that, so he ran out there, snagged up the flag drenched in lighter fluid, and escorted the stars and stripes to safety.  Rick, who had also served in the Marine Corps Reserve, understood what the flag stands for.  He still has the flag, and has been offered over $1,000,000 dollars for it but said he won’t part with it.

On to other news!  I was able to attend a game last Thursday with Superfan Handy Jay, and we stopped by the season ticket holder area and found our names on the Wall of Fame!IMG_5113

That’s a pretty nice way to say Thank You and I am impressIMG_5111ed with how the Brewers went about it.  We were able to pick up our limited edition Ryan Braun All-Star bobbleheads and our media guides (Don’t forget #PlesacBobble2017) and were blessed with some sweet seats right behind home plate.  While I don’t remember the score due to my selective memory, I do remember it being a great day for baseball.  Overall, the Brewers are still not the worst team in MLB, even if it looks like it from the bottom of the NL Central.  It’s going to be a tough week with the Cubs series and all of those (yuck!) Cubs fans, but I have a feeling the crew will come through it all with at least 1, maybe 2 wins.

Either way, I can’t wait to be back at Miller Park!  Oh, a few highlights from Thursday’s day game I forgot to mention:  The Chorizo biffed it around home plate (haha!) and a pleasant surprise that it was dollar hotdog day!  Which you all know means Handy Jay was deep-throatin those wieners one after another!  Until next time folks, Go Brew Crew!



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