Happy “Rick Monday” Monday!


I decided to wait until today to blog due to it being the 40 year anniversary of one of the greatest plays in MLB history – so to speak.  40 years ago, in 1976, two protesters were attempting to burn an American flag in left field of Dodger stadium- Rick Monday wasn’t about to have any of that, so he ran out there, snagged up the flag drenched in lighter fluid, and escorted the stars and stripes to safety.  Rick, who had also served in the Marine Corps Reserve, understood what the flag stands for.  He still has the flag, and has been offered over $1,000,000 dollars for it but said he won’t part with it.

On to other news!  I was able to attend a game last Thursday with Superfan Handy Jay, and we stopped by the season ticket holder area and found our names on the Wall of Fame!IMG_5113

That’s a pretty nice way to say Thank You and I am impressIMG_5111ed with how the Brewers went about it.  We were able to pick up our limited edition Ryan Braun All-Star bobbleheads and our media guides (Don’t forget #PlesacBobble2017) and were blessed with some sweet seats right behind home plate.  While I don’t remember the score due to my selective memory, I do remember it being a great day for baseball.  Overall, the Brewers are still not the worst team in MLB, even if it looks like it from the bottom of the NL Central.  It’s going to be a tough week with the Cubs series and all of those (yuck!) Cubs fans, but I have a feeling the crew will come through it all with at least 1, maybe 2 wins.

Either way, I can’t wait to be back at Miller Park!  Oh, a few highlights from Thursday’s day game I forgot to mention:  The Chorizo biffed it around home plate (haha!) and a pleasant surprise that it was dollar hotdog day!  Which you all know means Handy Jay was deep-throatin those wieners one after another!  Until next time folks, Go Brew Crew!



Two of my Favorite Brewers Memories

Hello readers!  This week I debated on what to talk about.  First and foremost, the Brewers are 5 and 7, and last in the division, but far from last in MLB.  Our young squad has made a few moves (Broxton down to AAA, Davies back up to the bigs) and we’ll see how that works out.  All in all, after playing 4 arguably play-off teams (Giants, Astros, Cards and Pirates), I think we came through pretty decent.  Next, we have the Twins (of which we have a better record) and the Phillies (who have one more win than the Crew).  I believe we’re in for some great baseball, and Wednesday I will be “live at the game” courtesy of Steinhafel’s season tickets with the big boss man Steve and Superfan Wild Bill.

Now with that being addressed, I wanted to share two of my favorite Brewers memories.  These two are immortalized on my wall in large frames.  IMG_5102The first:

May 5, 2013.  Thanks to the wonderful Caitlin Moyer, I was blessed with the opportunity to throw out the first pitch.  I did it with another MLB Fan Cave Top 52 finalist (Kevin Kimmes) and I believe Chris Schatz took this pic of our catchers, Johnny Axford and Brandon Kintzler.  I pulled a few strings and kind of asked BK to be my catcher without letting the powers that be know (since I was pretty sure they wouldn’t be able to ask him), and once Ax found out how big of a fan Kevin was of him, he obliged as well.  The pitch wasn’t all that great, but the moment I crossed that line I surely just felt the energy that Miller Park creates around the greatest game in the world- Baseball.  Both Ax and BK autographed this large photo: Ax: “Thanks for being Super… FAN!”  and BK: “Pete, Warm up next time!  BRUTAL!!!!”  I have it framed with a ticket from the game, and an old (canceled) credit card of a photo of BK and myself from that day.  I still have the photo on my new credit card that I use for all my baseball purchases because it is good luck!  Still, one of the many baseball milestones that I have been blessed with as a Superfan. IMG_5103

The second memory I have on my wall is a large photo of Corey Hart, Superfan Handy Jay and myself.  We took this photo I believe in 2011.  Corey signed it “To Pete, You’re a true fan”.  Ever since he came up with the Brewers many years ago, he was one of the guys we cheered for every time we were at the park.  He reciprocated by always taking time to say hi to us, toss us baseballs, and sign a ton of stuff for our growing collections.  It was a sad day when he went to play for Seattle, but in true Condor form, he gave us a shout-out in the Journal Sentinel.  We did get a chance to see him again on a road trip to Cleveland, when the Mariners played the Indians, and we cheered as hard as we ever did for him.  He treated us to a nice dinner that night after the game, and the rest is history.  The “business” of baseball means your friends that play most likely will have to go to another city, in another state, and for another team.  As we saw with a lot of our guys in the past- BK to Minnesota, Wooten to Atlanta, Axman to Oakland, and Hawkins all over the place until he retired.  I won’t even mention Manny Parra and the Cubs…. but yes, Manny’s still my guy.

UPDATE: Just found out that Manny Parra is recovering from Tommy John surgery- I believe it was 5 years ago he had bone spurs removed from his elbow, but with this, he should have a new arm ready to go for the second half of his career.  Come back strong my friend, I’ll be cheering for you (if it’s with the Cubs, I’m cheering on the inside!)

Finally in closing, I want to reiterate the need for Dan Plesac to get a bobblehead in 2017-

Show your support by tweeting the @Brewers with #PlesacBobble2017 to remind them of this great man’s accomplishments almost 30 years ago, which includes multiple records that still stand today in the organization!  We salute you, @Plesac19!


We Survived Opening Day!!!

In typical Wisconsin fashion, the weather made it known that just because you have a few days of temps in the 70’s, and the snow is all gone, and the robins and geese are flying around everywhere, doesn’t mean that Old Man Winter isn’t going to try to waffle-stomp on your parade!  Yes, it snowed, yes it was windy, and yes, we had to break out our cold weather gear, but it was well worth it!  


2016 Group Pic

Some people question why we leave at 7:45AM to go “wait in line” in the parking lot- well, that’s where the party begins!  You turn off your trucks, grab some beers, and run up and down the line of vehicles “pre-drinking” before you actually get into the lot.  We time it right so we get the front row every year.  The big open area that you see us in our group pic is the handicap overflow, which never fills up totally so there’s room for fun and games (and group pics) at least for a few hours.

A huge shout-out to Rudi, the giant face in the crowd that couldn’t make it out to the park due to being diagnosed days before with cancer.  Alex took pretty damn good care of you Rudy, and I think you did more shots on the bullpen shotski than most of the folks here!

Please take a minute to read about Rudi’s ongoing battle on his GoFundMe page and give a few bucks to a firefighter who really could use a break.  #FuckCancer

One thing that was pretty damn cool this year, we had Scott “Handy Jay” Mack, Josh, Wild Bill, Pauly and myself out together again for the first time since who knows when.  Thanks to Josh for all he did to make Opening Day special- from bring the giant Jenga, grills, jugs of apple pie liquor and a tent to actually cooking all the food.  Really appreciate that level of Superfan dedication.

And on that note, the Brewers are 3-3 at the end of our “rebuilding” year’s first week.  We took 2 from Houston, and one from those pesky Giants.  Let’s see how we do this next week against the Cards and the Pirates on their roadtrip!

Remember, Dan Plesac Bobble-head 2017!  #PlesacBobble2017



A Look Back on Superfan Opening Days

Every now and then, we reminisce about years gone by.  Once we see what actually happened, more often than not we ask ourselves “What the #*$@ were we thinking?!”

And here’s a few of those moments on this, the eve of Opening Day!


Bad Parking Job

2007- The first year we documented with digital photos— needless to say, this guy needs to learn to park better.  Of course once you ditch your vehicle, it seems to become the common urinal for men within 100 foot radius.  Go figure.



Schatzy and Loaf

Ahh yes- 2008— I think this picture speaks for itself.  This is Chris Schatz and myself having a grand time.  Gotta love the helmet Chris.


Tyke had to pee

A common theme throughout the years was somehow, Tyke always gets caught on camera taking a piss.  Of course here, he was emptying a water bottle, because we know that pissing in the parking lot is gross.  And illegal.  😉


Group Photo

2010 was a fun one!  Great weather, the giant grill, and a bunch of great people of which most think I am number one!  Thanks friends!  (Not sure what our chef is about to pull out with those tongs)



The main crew- Superfans Pete, Josh, Handy Jay, Wild Bill, and of course Pauly.  Together, we are the liberators and the grand marshals of fun.


Jug of Apple Pie

Oh snap!  A drunken dance while drinking a jug of homemade apple pie and wearing a muppet hat of sorts!


Homeless Shaggy

And of course, 2015- the year of the Homeless Shaggy.  He found the sign, and proceeded to keep hiding it in my truck.  Crazy dude, I’m not homeless!

And with that trip down memory lane, I leave you all in order to get some sleep so I can rush down to meet the Convoy in the morning.  The vehicles are packed, the brats are boiled, and we’re ready to party hard AF because that’s how we do it in Wisconsin!

Good luck this year Brewers!  #BlueCrewThruAndThru #PlesacBobble2017

AZ or Bust!

brewers-spring-trainingHere it is, the night before the Superfans invade Phoenix!  This year involves a full ten days of fun in the sun with Superfan Handy Jay, Superfan Wild Bill and myself staying at Del Boca Vista –  Special shoutout to Superfan Dynex Dan and Superfan Wayne (The AZ  Connection) for accommodating us this year!

I did hear through the grapevine that Dan “Sacman” Plesac will be in Brewers camp on March 4th hosting the popular MLB Network show “30/30” – Hopefully the powers that be will realize how genuinely handsome this former Brewers 3x All-star and record holder is and will consider giving him his very own bobblehead next year!  #PlesacBobble2017 –  RT if you agree!  (see previous post as to Sacman’s laundry list of qualifications for deserving such an act of enshrinement)

Baseball is key to the trip, but we also plan on hitting up an NHL game (closest city to us with a team is Chicago, and you know how I feel about that place!), possibly a trip to the streets of Tombstone, or even a run out to Winslow, Arizona just to stand on the corner!  Gotta love Route 66!!!   In addition to all of that, we hope to visit a lot of good eateries (some re-visited, some for the very first time) and have some of the unique cuisine only found in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area… oh, and Chipotle too!

I will try to take a lot of pics this trip to illustrate our adventure the next few days!

Oh, and shoutout to Earthquake- just because he never says he gets mentioned.  We heart you Michael “Earthquake” Wenzel!

Long Overdue Brewers Bobbleheads: Top 5


Living down the hall from someone who one would call a fanatic bobblehead collector, I often find myself wandering over to peruse my neighbor’s newest additions.  Having surpassed over 200 different unique bobbles (the majority Brewers), I couldn’t help but notice many names repeated in the iconic bobblehead ensemble- and this got us talking.

One might say, these are the Top 5 Brewers bobbleheads that need to happen soon-

  1. Ted Higuera – Teddy spent 9 years with the Brewers in the 80’s and 90’s.  He was the first Mexican born American League pitcher to record a 20-win season (’86) and in his first 4 years posted a 3.25 ERA with a record of 69-38 and 766 strikeouts.
  2. Dan Plesac – While being one of those guys that’s played for everybody, Dan spent ’86 – ’92 with the Brewers.  In that time, he set and holds a bunch of pitching records (5 total, holds 2nd in 2 more) and he was an all-star in ’87, ’88 and ’89.  This is one that really boggles the brain!
  3. Juan Nieves – April 15, 1987- The ONLY no-hitter ever thrown in Brewers history!  That should be more than enough- (perhaps for 30th anniversary we could see this?)
  4. Tom Trebelhorn – He managed the crew from ’86 – ’91, during that forgotten era that we saw such great players like the 3 guys mentioned above.  He ended his tenure with the Brewers with a winning record, 422-397.
  5. Easter Sunday Dale- This would make for a SOLID bobblehead, showing Dale Sveum hitting the game-winning homer on April 19, 1987— We’ve seen Rob Deer’s moment, now it’s time to show Easter Sunday Dale’s moment!


In closing, we’ve seen a bunch of repeat bobbles like Braun, Uecker, even Yount getting one every few years- all the way to sausages, barrelmen, and even a dog- I feel it is time to embrace the post-world series 1980’s Brewers, and the glory that many of the later Generation X’ers/early millenials grew up watching.

Of course, in writing this blog I had to run down the hall to discuss these choices, and that has opened a can of worms.  Ryan and I started writing down our ideas (first and foremost- get a white board to write down ideas)- and now have a list of ten more “Honorable Mention” bobbles that we believe need to be celebrated and appreciated – but that is for another article!

Disagree with this top 5?  Have something to add?  Please feel free to respond in the comments section!  We’d love to hear what you think.

Good Luck Mikey Fiers and Carlos “GoGo” Gomez

Baseball is a business.  This is the underlying thought that one must remember when it comes to anything and everything MLB does.  So they say…

The past few years, I must say that my team, the Milwaukee Brewers, has come to feel more like a family or a group of friends instead of just a job that some people work hard and are blessed to perform.

Swinging Out of Your Helmet

Swinging Out of Your Helmet

Whether it was GoGo swinging so hard that he comes out of his shoes, helmet, and darn near his pants, or if it was us yelling “Fierballs” every time Mikey threw a strike- it was fun (and frustrating sometimes) to watch!

One such memory this year sticks out when a few of us were behind the visitor’s dugout, and the Washington Nationals were in town.  We had our “rally gloves” on, ready to go, and Fiers was on the mound.  It was in later innings, and Bryce Harper was at the plate.  He already had a homerun under his belt, but Fiers came at him with his “Fierballs” nonetheless.

The look on Harper’s face when he struck out swinging was priceless!  And of course, as he walked back to the dugout, I stood up and yelled, “Hey Hawpa (in my best Bostonian heckler accent)!  That’s spelled F-I-E-R-S and don’t you forget it, son!”

Needless to say Bryce Hawpa wasn’t too pleased.

They make a difference

They make a difference

All in all, I never thought some of these great Brewers would cease to be with Milwaukee.  Sure, it’s always a possibility that any of “your guys” can get traded or even released, but it still feels like one of your best friends is moving away.  Having gone through this before with previous “guys” (Mitch Stetter, Corey Hart, LaTroy Hawkins, Johnny Axford, Todd Coffey, Manny Parra, Joe Inglett, Mike McClendon, Brad Nelson, Mark Rogers to name a few) you know you’ll bounce back and support them no matter what city is written across their chest.

Mikey throwing #FIERBALLS

Mikey throwing #FIERBALLS

The words of LaTroy Hawkins come to mind when I think of this- when he left Milwaukee I told him how much it sucks to feel like you’re losing a piece of the baseball puzzle, and he said that’s why we’re friends, and friendships transcend teams, cities, and distances.  It’s true.  Thanks to social media, I will be able to follow these two former warriors of Miller Park on their journey to greatness… whether it be in Houston or anywhere else.

As long as it isn’t the Cubs.

Good luck Carlos, swing for the fences!  Good luck Mikey, keep throwing those FierBalls.

Tebowing with Fiers